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This article briefly sums up the most relevant case law for internet service providers (ISPs) – intended both as actual providers of internet access as well as information services and content providers – and intellectual property right (IPR) holders dealing with legal proceedings in Italian Courts regarding liability and injunctive measures for online illicit content.

Back in January of this year, the Commercial Chamber of the Milan Court issued an interesting order in the preliminary injunction proceedings instigated by Pest Control Office Limited against 24 Ore Cultura s.r.l., the organizer of an “unauthorized” exhibition of Banksy works of art owned by private collectors – The art of Banksy.

Impero Uomo.JPGThe legal principle that minor differences to a weak mark can have a significant impact on the likelihood of a finding of no confusion was reaffirmed with a recent decision by the First Section of the Italian Supreme Court (Order No. 28818/2017).

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