As we have already discussed here, the Italian Competition and Market Authority (“AGCM” or “Authority”) has shown a significant interest in cases of abuses of economic dependence in recent years. Another recent example is the investigation launched in December 2021 against Original Marines (“OM”) regarding the franchise terms applied by the latter to its

The Nutri-Score, also known as the 5-Color Nutrition label or 5-CNL, is a five-colors nutrition label which aims at providing a quick and user-friendly visualization of the overall nutritional value of food and beverages.

This system was first adopted in France, in 2017, and chosen among several labels suggested by industry professionals and retailers. The

The Italian Competition and Market Authority (“AGCM” or “Authority”) has closed an investigation launched in July 2021 against McDonald’s Development Italy LLC (“McDonald’s”) regarding an alleged violation of art. 9 of Italian Law no. 192/1998 concerning the so called “abuse of economic dependence”.

According to such provision, a company shall not exploit the state of