Italy has signed an agreement with the Unified Patent Court (UPC) formalizing the cooperation to bring the third seat of the UPC Central Division to Milan. The agreement was signed in Milan between the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UPC, represented by the President of the Court of Appeals Klaus Grabinski, in

Just a couple of days ago, the announcement by the Court that no agreement could be reached among Member States and therefore the competencies of the London seat of the Central Division would be split between Paris and Munich opened a debate on the possibilities for Milan to host the Central Division.

The Italian Government

Updates about current status of discussions regarding the third seat of the central division of the UPC recently surfaced on the Italian press and in parliamentary activities.

Recent reports confirm that France and Germany would have agreed to move the seat from London to Milan, on condition of withholding some competences in Munich (apparently, chemistry

Photo of the Ministry of Justice – Italy

As reported by the website of the Italian Ministry of Justice, a bilateral meeting took place on the 27th of November between Mr. Carlo Nordio, the Italian Minister of Justice, and Mr. Marco Buschmann, his German counterpart.

The meeting focused on two

La decisione (la cui versione, non ancora ufficiale, è disponibile qui), assunta in data 11 novembre 2022 e annunciata il 14 (comunicato disponibile qui), anticipa al 1 gennaio 2023 la possibilità per i titolari di domande di brevetto europeo pendenti di richiedere un rinvio della concessione del brevetto richiesto in attesa della entrata

Following yesterday’s deposit by Austria of its instrument of ratification of the Protocol on Provisional Application of the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court, the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union has just declared that the Protocol has now entered into force. Similar statements were issued by the European Patent Office and