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A quasi un anno dalla sua introduzione, è già possibile trarre utili indicazioni strategiche per affrontare le sfide e cogliere le opportunità create dal nuovo sistema


La riforma che ha cambiato radicalmente il sistema brevettuale in Europa, con l’istituzione del brevetto unitario e del Tribunale Unificato dei Brevetti (o, come indicato in inglese, “UPC”)

Italy has signed an agreement with the Unified Patent Court (UPC) formalizing the cooperation to bring the third seat of the UPC Central Division to Milan. The agreement was signed in Milan between the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UPC, represented by the President of the Court of Appeals Klaus Grabinski, in

The Italian Privacy Authority announced today that it has launched an investigation to verify whether websites are adopting adequate security measures to prevent the massive collection of personal data for the purpose of training AI algorithms. Indeed, AI platforms collect huge amounts of data through so-called web-scraping, including the personal data of users of websites

The Court of Rome sets a landmark precedent by granting an injunction against the creator of NFTs displaying images of a football player, reproducing without authorization the registered trademarks owned by Italian football club Juventus FC. This is the first known judgement by a European court holding that NFTs reproducing a third party’s trademarks without

La rivoluzione dell’IoT (“Internet of Things”) investirà nei prossimi anni gran parte delle aziende in svariati settori dell’economia, tra cui energia e servizi pubblici, industria e agricoltura, ambito sanitario e sperimentazioni cliniche, retail e automotive. Una rivoluzione “attesa e annunciata”, complice l’implementazione su larga scala del 5G, che secondo le stime dell’associazione

As widely anticipated, the Düsseldorf Regional Court has decided to refer to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) a series of question arising from a dispute between Nokia and Daimler regarding the alleged infringement of one of Nokia’s standard essential patent (SEPs) by Daimler’s connected cars.

The dispute in suit concerned in

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What is the impact of the recent UK Supreme court Unwired Planet judgement? What is the current status of the component level licensing debate in Europe? How do courts currently construe the non-discriminatory prong of the FRAND undertaking and what is the role of such element from