Gli influencer indirizzano le decisioni dei consumatori e sono in grado di catalizzare le tendenze di acquisto tanto da polverizzare la disponibilità dei prodotti sponsorizzati in una manciata di minuti. Va da sé che l’affidamento che il pubblico – e, in particolare, il pubblico giovanissimo appartenente alla Gen Z – ripone in tali soggetti ha

On November 4, the Court of Milan confirmed its first instance PI decision by which it ordered Cloudflare, a US company which provides i.a. DNS (Domain Name System) services, to block the DNS resolution of several torrent websites (and their aliases) which were found infringing Sony, Universal and Warner’s copyright by illegally making music

On July 11, the Court of Milan issued a preliminary injunction against Cloudflare, a US company which provides i.a. DNS (Domain Name System) services, ordering to block the DNS resolution of several torrent websites. These were found infringing Sony, Universal and Warner’s copyright by illegally making music tracks available to the public.

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Il Tribunale di Milano ha emesso l’11 luglio scorso un’ordinanza cautelare con cui ha ordinato a Cloudflare, società statunitense fornitrice tra gli altri di servizi di DNS (Domain Name System), di bloccare la risoluzione DNS di alcuni siti di torrent che consentivano illecitamente la messa a disposizione del pubblico di brani musicali in

This article briefly sums up the most relevant case law for internet service providers (ISPs) – intended both as actual providers of internet access as well as information services and content providers – and intellectual property right (IPR) holders dealing with legal proceedings in Italian Courts regarding liability and injunctive measures for online illicit content.

An IT contract is a multi-faceted vehicle for companies not only to protect their interests, but also to set the tone for customer relationships and create an image of their business for outsiders. Businesses can control the way their contracts are perceived simply by abiding by a number of standardized guidelines and ethics for creating

The existence of a selective distribution network may be included among the ‘legitimate reasons’ for not exhausting trademark rights, provided that it complies with antitrust law, the trademarked product is a luxury item and there is a real harm to the image of prestige the manufacturer seeks to maintain through the adoption of a selective

On January 10, 2019, the Commercial Chamber of the Court of Rome issued a decision on the applicability of the exemptions of liability provided for in Directive 2000/31 EC to internet service providers. With this decision, the video sharing platform Vimeo – which offers services similar to those of YouTube – was ordered to pay

La blockchain si sta facendo strada anche nell’IP quale strumento di lotta alla contraffazione.

Questa tecnologia, sviluppata come sistema per concludere transazioni finanziarie e che letteralmente significa catena di blocchi, consente la creazione di un database distribuito per la gestione di transazioni condivisibili dai partecipanti alla rete, strutturato appunto in blocchi contenenti al loro interno

As the proposed “Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market” suffers a halt with the European Parliament declining to vote and rescheduling approval for September 2018, one of the main stumbling blocks is the likely ‘invasive’ nature Art. 13 requiring Internet Service Providers to pre-emptively scan, filter and block copyright-infringing contents which many in